Nothing is a brand created by Carl Pei, Chinese-Swedish co-founder of the well-known mobile brand OnePlus. After splitting up from the company he co-founded, he created a new tech company that focused on design and concept technology.
From the beginning, the idea was to create a futuristic aesthetic video that lives up to the design of the phone being advertised. After the news last 2020 that the entrepreneur Carl Pei was starting a new project in the technological world, the assumptions about his devices have had no limits, and the Nothing Phone left the world speechless. 
I decided to create a video about how the Nothing Phone is a device out of this planet.
With this ad, I intend to capture several aspects:
- The secrecy that generates his figure, always creating expectations with possible releases and avoiding possible leaks of his designs.
- The futuristic and clean design of their products. Something that makes the brand stand out is the minimalist and "robotic" aesthetics of its products. It seems to transport the user to the movie "I, Robot" and makes him feel from another world.
- The media conflict between the co-founders of OnePlus created a hostile environment in the technological world, this is why I wanted to capture in the first scenario how Carl Pei has gone over these situations to bring an innovative product that moves forward the industry.
To conceptualize the project, I did a storyboard to have in mind which scenes I needed to create. It wasn't a detailed storyboard cause drawing isn't my strongest skill, but it helped me decide how I wanted to create the environment.
I didn't come up with all the scenes at first, this project started back in January 2023 and finished in June 2023, then I have been adding new parts to make it more solid in the narrative and visual way. 
I came up with the aesthetic of an utopian scenery of reddish stone while watching Blade Runner at home, it's a solid reference from which to extract ideas about how to reflect a hostile scenario that at the same time arouses curiosity.

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